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  1. I am in similar situation but I moved to EAD and took a new job before my marriage and my wife is still on student visa and we r waiting for my 485 to get current again to file her 485. We r in a very bad situation and need to know what are my options here. My PD is dec 2009 so it will be a while before it gets current, so wondering if i can go back to h1b again with a non cap and add my wife to H4? What happend to my EAD in such a case?
  2. It will be cap exempt both with a new employer and the original h1 sponser?
  3. itsforbabu

    What happens to H1B after changing employers on EAD

    I am with a priority date of 2009 december and moved to EAD and working with a different employer in 2012, got married in 2013 and ever since waiting for the date to get current. My wife is on student visa here and we had a kid recently. We are very concerned about what are our options now. Even if I changed my employer and not anymore with my h1b sponsering employer, being on ead, can i still apply for h1b with a new employer and get it with non cap?
  4. Any idea if any old employer files for a new h1b petition for me, would that be a non cap based exempt from lottery system? How about with a new employer?
  5. Good to know that h1b cap is not applicable if my 6 yrs was not used on h1b, but I changed my employer using ead, so not sure if the only way to get her h4 is through applying for me a new h1 in which case cap is applicable? Or I can still get a h1 renewal with old employer as my 6 yrs didn't complete? I am married now while on ead. She is on F1 status phd student in US with potential to stay in USA using f1 and opt that is possible until end of 2018. My dec 2009 priority date is still waiting with patience for current date. Since she is here on f1 student visa, can I file her 485 and ead right away? She is an arts phd student so she can't even get h1b by herself after graduation, so I need to find what are my options to go back to h1b so that she can get her h4.
  6. I use to be on H1B until 2012 and after that I am on EAD currently too. I know that staying on H1B while keeping EAD is a safe option, but I chose to go on EAD for my own reasons. Now things are different with me and I am married now (she is on F1 visa a phd student who can stay in US until end of 2017). I am waiting on my EB2 priority date dec 2009, to get current for ever. So at this juncture without having to rely on EB2 priority date to file her as dependent 485, I am trying to find out what are my options here. If my current employer agrees to file my H1B, is it possible to go back to H1B and keep the EAD available just like a person who would get EAD while being on H1B and won't use it?
  7. itsforbabu

    Start a business on EAD

    I started an IT consulting company and I am on EAD now. I started in 2012 may and I did not find any issues. I did so only after coming across another friend's friend who is also in EAD and started a business. I am not sure what kind of businesses you are allowed to do, but me and my friend we both doing IT consulting business. You can always hire an attorney for openion which shouldn't cost you most than maximum 300 to 400 dollars. I would suggest to not think for even 500 for the sure shot attorney openion. Good luck.
  8. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    It is actually LLC taxed as S-corp.
  9. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    I did S-corp. Its good for taxes.
  10. Don't ask me why did I file I485 before I even got married. But thats the harsh truth. Applied for I-485 (not approved yet). I am trying to get married while I am on EAD now. Used AP for travel. My H1 expired last december and didn't renew it. What are my options to marry a girl back in India and bring her here? I thought there are only 2 options. 1. Apply for new H1? What happens to my EAD/AP if I go back to H1? Will this new H1 be part of 60,000 quota, that is going to start April 1? 2. ??????? My Priority Date is DEC 2009 on EB2. But the current date is in 2004. What do I do? I heard I can get married, get marriage certificate and apply I-825 for the wife, when my I-485 gets approved (wait to even file I825 until then?). Is that what it is exactly? Ofcourse there are other options of student and business, which is not likely in my control.
  11. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    Look at the W-9 form below from IRS carefully and look at tax classification in the top on first page. An LLC also can be an S-corp which is different from the usual S-corp. This kind of LLC based S-corp is legal to run by an EAD hoolder in the US. This is what I found out after paying 350 bucks to my CPA consultation. And he says he holds responsible for his inputs and he says he has clients who has been doing the same without any problems. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf So if there is someone out there who cant answer questions just keep away. I found answer to my question and I am trying to share the same here, so dont spoil other's interests.
  12. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    My CPA says I can open LLC S-corp which I did. And I am able to run a consulting company apart from my existing job. If you guys cant manage doing things, doesnt mean that no one else can do it. So start working making impossible as possible, rather than believing possible as impossible. If you can't answer a question don't say the question doesn't exist because it is tough to achieve.
  13. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    Exactly thats what it is "nagging". Either help people here or stop nagging. Dude I am here in this forum already asking for information and like wise asking everyone around. Of course I will be reactive when someone tries to spoil my loop rather than keeping quite if they don't know the answer.
  14. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    Dude after I posted my question here, I happen to discuss this with all my friends. And then one of my friend suggested to meet this another friend and I came to know these details, when I met him. If you don't see this a valid possibility, then I think its waste of my time. All the best with what ever you do in your life. I can't believe you are so desperate and mean to discourage others. Stop doing this to others, that itself will be a help.
  15. itsforbabu

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    Hey JoeF, if you can't answer my questions, doesn't mean that you can start cursing me. I found out some leads and sharing with you. Understand that and vanish from here, if you can't answer my questions. I came across a friend who has been on EAD for last 4 years and he even renewed it recently. He started a company being on EAD and he has been making profits too. He works in a project and gets paid through his present employer. And the same team he managed to sign 3 more in his own company and hired 10 people to work on it. It is my decision to descide to whether to tell you all this or not. So If I haven't told you before, you started cursing me. So you know what is ur attitude, better keep away.