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  1. nycwork

    I485 RFE

    How can one check to see it the RFE response was actually made and acknowledged by authorities. Also the above quote mentions to raise a SR, Can this be done by individual itself or needs to be done by the lawfirm. thanks,
  2. @nbendi - I saw this post after a very long time. What is your current situation? Did you get your visa stamped?
  3. nycwork

    White form and respond to questionnaire

    I got the same questionnaire and it took me 4 months to get visa approved.
  4. One can be on H1b visa and can still use AP for travel without using EAD. Is this true?
  5. Hello Experts, Please provide your guidance on my case. Thanks for your help. Case details: H1B Valid until Dec -2012 currently 7th Year H1B Stamped recently and valid until Dec-2012 Labor and -140 Approved with PD DEC 2009 I'm planning to file my 485 now and would like to know what would be the impact on my case since there are news of dates for EB2 retrogression back to Aug 2007 If I file my 485 now - how soon I would be getting EAD and AP If the dates goes back and I go back to my home country and get married - would I be able to apply for EAD for my spouse after getting her on H4 visa here even if the dates moves back to Aug 2007 If I travel to india after my H1B stamping period (DEC 2012) passes and I already have my new H1B extended - Can I come back using my EAD and AP to avoild another visa stamping and my spouse can come on H4 Visa Are there any cases where EAD, AP and GC are all dispatched together in a month time? Thanks
  6. Hello, My Visa was approved on Feb 23rd and now back to US. It took 4 months to get the visa approved, no client, vendor or employer were contacted during this period. It looks a security clearance verification which was being performed. thanks everyone and good luck to everyone who is awaiting response from consulate.
  7. Got my Passport on Feb 23rd - Now back to US Thanks everyone and goodluck for everyone who is awaiting response from consulate.
  8. nycwork


    UPDATE: I finally received my passport last week after 4 months.
  9. nycwork

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    @patas - What do you see on consulate site when you check your visa status
  10. No updates yet. Hopefully there would be soon.
  11. nycwork

    221g white Hyd. Waiting for passport

    @patas - Please keep the forum updated. Have you tried to email consulate directly rather than VFS.
  12. Hello Experts - Please suggest your inputs and directions on my case. I am struck in India with 221g Admin Processing Blue for the past 4 months and my GC priority date is current now with February Visa Bulletin Labor and 140 Approved with priority date of Dec 2009 7th Year of H1B - Expiring in Nov 2012 Visa pending with 221g blue in India Consulate since October 2011 Available Options: Wait until Administrative Processing is completed - already 4 months of waiting;looks a security check as there are no client or vendor verifications and the response is standard [waiting for dept of state to clear the processing] Can I apply for CP (i824) from India and once my visa struck in 221g gets approved, Can I go back to US and then file for I-485 and if this is possible are there any issues or particular stage of CP which will prevent from filing i-485) How much time does it take for CP and different stages ( i-824, NVC, packet 2, packet 3 etc) Thank you all, NYCWORK
  13. nycwork


    Waiting since 16 Weeks - Hyderabad 221g blue
  14. nycwork

    221g white Hyd. Waiting for passport

    221g blue - waiting since Oct 18th 2011
  15. nycwork

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    What questions were asked in the Questionaire