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  1. If i were you i will go to India, if it take more than expected times atleast i can stay home. Please take all the court documents, probation related documents, parole officer docs, along with all the receipts you paid. If you dont have originals, go to court and get the documents. I am sure all the Probation documents can be obtained from the Parole officer.
  2. kishore122

    Visa Stamping and DUI

    DUI is not a problem, i do have one. The only problem is the arrest record that goes with it. There are many posts in here that are helpful. Back in 2007 they have a rule for first offence DUIs to have medical evaluation in the place where one goes for stamping if the arrest relating to a DUI is less than 3 years old. To answer your question - No, your visa will not be effected by the DUI. However, you are supposed to mention your arrest in DS-160 or where ever the question is asked and carry all court documents, arrest records and all the completion certificates and stuff you do after the judgement and Parole officer letter telling Judge that you completed the required as per the judgement. All receipts paid to court, Parole officer and community service. They will ask about what happened the DUI night, admit the facts and walk away with the H1B stamp. I am sure there will not be a next time, but try not getting caught driving drunk, and if you ever did, try not pleading guilty. You could have pleaded "No-Contest" (personal experience) or just got an attorney to do the talking. My DUI was expunged after one year doesn't come up on my driving history and or insurance history. Its just a misdemeanor. Good luck.
  3. Just tell the hospital you cannot pay. I work for a hospital and yes, they find people who can do the charity and will clear your bill or just write it off. But, you have to go and talk to them first. Talking to an attorney is useless, if the hospital cannot help you can then go to an attorney, but i think it wouldn't be necessary. Good luck and sorry for your loss.
  4. H1B time = 6 years of your stay in US. I797 dates or visa stamp dates are immaterial. If you haven't worked in the US for the first year from your stamped date, you could request lost time of that one year during your last extension.
  5. kishore122

    H1 Stamping

    Last i heard the first time stamping has to be done in one's home country (may not be 100% true too). Go to India. Thats your safest bet. you could go back to your home if something bad happens rather than be stuck in some foreign soils.
  6. ......"I get paid about 70K( where as my Prevailing wage could be little higher)"....... Is that not a Red Flag? As far as i know you should be paid more than the Prevailing Wage for the location you work at. Read one of the Murthy Bulletins, i remember reading about a case where the applicant was given few cents less than the Prevailing Wage for the position he is holding.