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  1. Hi, I have a family emergency that requires me to travel to India as soon as possible. The current wait time for Appointment dates in India (All cities ) is insane, mostly Mid to Late 2023. I'm looking for options to score an appointment in Aug/Sep 2022 like trying other countries, following is what I know so far:* India ( Dates are in 2023 -> both dropbox & in-person)* Canada ( Dates are in 2023 -> in-person )* Mexico ( Dates are in Dec 2022 -> in-person)* Qatar ( Dates are in July 2022 -> in-person) - When I called the consulate they said only Qatar nationals and permanent resident can attend the Qatar's US consulate for non immigrant visa. Also there might be risk of RFE going to middle east for stamping* Jamaica ( Couldn't find any dates for appointment )* Dominique ( Stopped non-immigration visa appointments)The other countries on my radar are:* Nepal* Malaysia * Australia * Thailand * Singapore * South KoreaBut I could hardly find any info on the feasibility and availability of non-immigration (H1B) appointment dates for Indians in these countriesDoes anyone has experience of getting Visa stamping done/have insights into* Getting Visa appointment in other nations (outside India esp Malaysia/Mexico/Nepal) for H1B in 2022* If you know of any other means to get slots in India ( ex: using reliable agents; NOTE: I reached out to few and they confirmed the no slots in 2022 but said they can monitor openings from cancellation to immediately book the slot )* If you had experience in getting emergency Visa appointment with Family Emergency successfully ( ex: serious illness/surgery ) in India or other countries (Malaysia/Mexico/Canada/Nepal)I'm on the following telegram groups monitoring for :* H1B/H4 Visa Dropbox slots* H1B/H4 Regular visa slots