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  1. askmenow

    Mother's B2 visa go rejected

    Same exact issue. My parents have been here for 5 times total in the last 10 years. 2 out of 5 times left in 10 weeks or less despite getting a port of entry I94 stamp of 6 months stay. They come only during summer time as they have their Son there and have own house they live in- they cant just lock it and come stay in US nor do they have any interest to come here. They qualified for dropbox then there was a letter saying they need to come personally to the center and provide supporting documentation for one overstay which was for 3 months. I had them stay specifically for travel purpose so they get the winter effect as well-they enjoyed the snow and probably had enough of the cold weather (-15 deg C)- they decided never to travel in winter after that effect. They have never stayed beyond summer on any other stay. Their visa was rejected as they did not believe that for travel they needed to stay 9 months-this was their second visit to US when this happened. They are old parents and they probably can travel only when they are healthy which is few more years. I am not sure why the visa officer would reject based on that. There was also proof that the approved extension visa was available for proof. Just denied to my surprise. Some courtesy for old people might be helpful. Remember that they also come to visit family here and grand children during summer times . very unfortunate.
  2. you should have got the correspondence by now. Many in same boat are getting approvals. If not yet,,you will receive in a day or two.
  3. I am no expert but I guess that means they took up your case to process since the EB2 is current for your PD ..October bulleting came out to be )1 May 2009 for EB2 ..so assuming you have another 20 days this month and 30 days in October 50 days total until they can adjudicate you case ..if no issues you may see approval.. you can call USCIS and check..some officers (level 2 ) can answer your question.
  4. askmenow

    Rfe response with photo copy of gold sheet

    wait for the lawyer to respond and do a overnight delivery if it is too close..usually RFEs have 90 days or so to respond..Why did you wait till last week (did it take so much time to collect information)... Photocopy may be fine because they have the records but still better to send the original
  5. askmenow

    2nd Job with EAD

    srik97 curious to find out if you have any input on your question from a lawyer or your employer or you ended up doign what you wanted..full time with current employer and part time with a consulting company?
  6. Dates became current in feb 2012 bulletin with priority date feb 2009. The medical form filled with civil surgeon stated my wife is pregnant and showed a waiver for TdaP vaccine during application. we expected an RFE at some point in time and took the Tdap after baby was born in june. Today we received an RFE stating the form says pregnancy but that does not mean applicant cannot take infleunza , Hep B etc.In addition you must also have a current tuberculosis screening. She had all those taken and also says that in the form submitted. Looks like the officer got misled by that one remark. I am going to contact my lawyer with the details on monday. Anyone in the same boat? Also letter says you must submit info within thirty (84 days)...87 if notification received by mail...Not sure if it is 30 or 84 or 87 to get back. I have the copy of original medical I693 form which gives details on the shots taken except TDAP which i have now as it was adminstered after baby was delivered. Has anyone dealt with similar situation? Thanks.
  7. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    no doesnt sound right..my date was feb 16th filed. i got EAD and card on march 29th and FP done april 12th.
  8. Per murthy bulletin today, the cases will still be reviewed completely for 485 and, if everything is acceptable, will be held until visa numbers are available and green card obtained as numbers become available? Can some one confirm this is true that any RFEs any questions that USCIS may have will still go ON and only thing pending is the approval when date becomes current?
  9. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    no he is saying EAD and AP will be processed even if dates retrogress.Read his quote again.
  10. askmenow

    EAD Process Slowed down in TSC

    i had the same feeling until today my case status said march 29th EAD approved. My receipt date was feb 16th. I am sure yours is either approved or on its way shortly.
  11. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Never mind i got the answer: my online case status shows EAD is all set dated march 29th:
  12. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Very nice information. should have checked before on this forum. I got this finger print letter 3 weeks back and did not know about the early walk in. I was told it was only for emergencies. Would have been worth a shot to attempt it. Anyway with dates retrogressing it does not matter anymore. Thanks for the info though.
  13. askmenow

    need help on i485 RFE

    There is a remote possibility for you according to me since status changed on 14th march. usually they dont update case status online. But think about this way: you have your EAD already; You RFE was an easy one for BC which will easily clear out. So just wait out a few months more worst case and you will be fine. I used to get tensed the same way about GC dreams etc. Honeslty it does not matter any more. My PD was feb 2009 and all of a sudden it became current in feb bulletin when i was not even expecting it to happen. So dont get hung up on these things. Its only a matter of few months worst case OR may be you already are through before march 23 2012.
  14. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    what is early walk in for FP? i have a date set as april 4th per Letter.
  15. askmenow

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    So if i have a finger print date for feb bulletin given as april 4th and as of today or march 23rd if i have not got an EAD. I will not get an EAD processed until the date becomes current to my PD which is feb 2009? Attorney 6 please confirm