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  1. toashishmantri

    H1B Transfer (NEW H1B Approved but funding issues)

    I understand that transfer before Oct 1st, 2016 is not possible. BUT Can a new company say, company B file for NEW H1B petition before Oct 1st, and my petition can be cap exempt?
  2. toashishmantri

    Withdrawn letter sent to USCIS - Can that be stopped?

    who can stop that? who will stop that?
  3. Hello, One startup in Bay Area applied for my H1B and it's approved. Now this startup is having some funding issues and they cannot bring me to the US. What option do I have now? 1. Transfer H1B to other company? 2. How things will change before and after Oct 1st, 2016. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)
  4. toashishmantri

    H1B RFE 2017

    Hello, Applied for H1b on April 1st, 2016. Approved on April 15th, 2016. RFE on May 13th, 2016. Premium Processing at California center. Yesterday I got an email from USCIS that my status is changed to "Request for Additional Evidence was Mailed" (RFE). I have a quick question. Apart from regular mail about the RFE, is attorney also getting RFE via email or fax? Thanks, AM
  5. I need to travel to India Urgently and I have to get the H1b visa stamping and come back to US again in 2 weeks . I was trying to see the available dates online but looks like I need to fill the DS-160 form and put the confirmation no. to see the online dates available. Is there any other way I can know the available dates for H1-b visa stamping ??
  6. toashishmantri

    H1-B validity + I94 general question

    any other thoughts ?
  7. toashishmantri

    H1-B validity + I94 general question

    Thanks quest2010.
  8. Hi, - I am on H1-B from oct 09 to Sep 12. visa stamping done in a Nov 09 and came back. I am a direct Employee. - My HR applied for my H1-B renewal and it got approved from Sept 12 to Sept 15. - I have to go to India in Nov 12, so I need to get visa stamping again. - MAIN THING NOW: my passport is going to expire in Feb 14. My questions: 1. At the time of stamping in India, How many years visa I will get (from Sept 2012 to Feb 2014 OR from Sept 2012 to Sept 2015) 2. Same Question for I94 (from Sept 2012 to Feb 2014 OR from Sept 2012 to Sept 2015). If my I94 will show 1.5 yrs as DOS, what I need to do in that case ?
  9. toashishmantri

    How and when to apply for H4.

    Hi, My close one is getting married. He is on H1b and in US from last couple of years. His fiance is in India and they are getting married in Nov 12. How to apply for H4 ? 1. Get married first, he comes to US and apply for H4 (to USCIS) and once approved, send the docs to India and his fiance can apply for H4 visa ? OR 2. Get married and he can directly apply for her H4 visa in India (NO USCIS in this, only visa in India) ? Please let me know the correct process. Thanks :)
  10. your lawyer might get a letter from USCIS about thr decision.
  11. toashishmantri

    What is crucial for successful H1B Stamping ?

    when was the last time you went for stamping ?
  12. toashishmantri

    H1-B application on CPT

    As long as you have a 4 yr bachelors degree from accredited university (in the field of you job), YOU ARE SUPERFINE. You might need to work on the job requirement with your company, something like for this job, bachelors or equivalent is required.
  13. toashishmantri

    New Job

    + EC/EVC model may also apply. They might send you to work for some other (client) company.
  14. toashishmantri

    H-1B Processing time for New application (FY: 2013)

    I dont think total number of people employees or rank matters. Everything depends on your consultancy company's background.