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  1. My visa renewal with my employer is in process. But my 240 days has expired. USCIS has not yet made the decision on my renewal request. I know that once 240 days are over I am not supposed to work. In the mean time, another employer applied for an H1B for me and I have got the receipt notice from my new employer(Decision is still pending). Am I legally allowed to work for my new employer now? Detailed dates below. Date of old employer's old petition expiry : 10/3/2021 Receipt date of old employer's new petition : 9/30/2021 Date of old employer's petition 240 days expiry : 5/31/2022 Receipt Date of new employer's new petition : 6/14/2022
  2. My spouse and me are both on H-1B. Separate H-1Bs with different petitioners, validity dates etc. When we scheduled appointment for dropbox stamping, we logged in to my spouse profile and added his details and then added my name in the family details section. Also in my separate profile, my petition details have been added and my spouse was added as family. The appointment was scheduled from my husband profile. 2 applicants in the same time slot. Recently both our h-1bs got renewed and we both got new i797s. So we both created new DS160s and then called CGI/UsTravelDocs to change the petition number tagged to the drop box schedule. When we called, we found out that my husband has been marked as primary and me as dependent. So my petition number and petitioner name is same as his. We were able to update his petition details but they said they cannot update mine. They said 2 H-1Bs cannot be on the same profile and a different profile is needed for me. We have to cancel our appointment and I have to remove my name from his profile and create a separate profile and schedule appointment separately it seems. If I do that now our current appointment will be canceled. There is no way to get another appointment this year atleast. What should I do? Can I still go to the dropbox appointment with my husband? Can I get H-1B visa stamped since my DS160 states H-1B. Or will they consider me as dependent and then stamp H4 visa for me or something? Please help!
  3. My current i797 validity dates : April 18 2021 to 16 oct 2022 My new (renewed )i797 validity dates : 16 oct 2022 to 15 oct 2025 My drop box appointment date : july 1, 2022 Question 1 Can I use the new petition number with validity till 2025 when I fill my DS-160 and go for my drop box appointment? I read there is a 90 day restriction. That we cannot go for stamping before 90 days from the petition validity start date. Will they deny dropbox appointment/reject visa/give 221g because of this reason? Or will I be given stamping only up till 15 oct 2022 as per old petition dates? Question 2 In case I do get visa stamped up till 15 oct 2025 as per my new petition, will there be any issue at the port of entry? I am planning to return to usa in early august. At that time the stamped visa will be having new petition number and if immigration officer checks the validity dates online, it will be showing as valid from 16 oct 2022 only. Since it is more than 10 days away, will they deny entry? even though i have two i797s with continuous dates.