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  1. kingvijay

    Need help regarding Client Letter for H1B stamping

    A 2009 letter is definitely not sufficient. You need to have a current letter from your client and employer and those letters should mention the duration of your assignment, either the end date or tentative date a year down the line stating that project will likely/possibly be extended.
  2. kingvijay


    Yes, you are already counted under the quota and can file a new H1 anytime with another employer.
  3. kingvijay

    H1 6th year, PERM completed, layoff -- Urgent request

    If things go as planned.. you have enough time to complete PERM and I-140 with a new employer before 8/2012. There is nothing stopping you from transferring to a new employer till the completion of your 6 years. You may be able to recapture some time when you extend H1. I am not completely sure if you can use an approved PERM from a company that laid you off for a 1 year extension with another company. Even if it can be done, can be tricky. Will let experts chime in on that.
  4. 1. Your old H1 is valid and will remain valid as long as you continue working with the current company. 2 and 3 are related. There are quite a few cases where extension is granted for just 1 year or duration of the client contract. For regular cases, you would get 3 years as long as those 3 are under the 6 year limit. Filing a new H1B does not affect your current status. Whether you are legally bound to join them or reimburse their costs, depends on your signed agreement with the employer, filing your H1B by itself doesn't bind you.
  5. kingvijay

    1-797 approved but extension of stay denied

    I don't see a reason on why you need a new visa when you already have a valid stamped visa. To get a Canadian Visa to go to CA and come back, they usually look for a valid I-94, which you don't have. If they do give you a visa, it might not be best to go to CA and re enter.
  6. kingvijay

    SSN before H1b start date

    Give it at least two weeks from approval for her info to be updated in PIMS. Then you can apply, employment doesn't need to start before you can apply.
  7. kingvijay

    Change employer at h1b 7th year

    New employer can apply for a H1 using the previously approved I-140 copy to get the extension beyond 6 years. The process should be the same as any H1 transfer, except for providing the additional I-140 copy and citing the relevant clause which allows for extension over 6 yrs. Ofcourse a good attonery will be able to handle this easily.
  8. kingvijay

    regd GC processing in the last 5 months of H1 Visa

    According to current timelines, the minimum you need to get your labor approved is 4+ months. It is true that advertising itself has to be open at least 2 months, doesn't matter EB2 or EB3. And PERM is taking about 2.5 months these days, can vary in the coming months, If you are lucky and you have your employer and lawyer treating your case with highest priority, you can apply for PERM in 2+ months, 2+ months for PERM approval, 10-15 days for preparing and applying I-140, 15 days for I-140 approval in premium. Add all these up and you just cross your maximum valid stay of 6 years. Ofcourse anything can happen on the way, you may get your PERM approved in 1 month or one may get RFE and the case will be stuck for over a year. In processing times (till I 140), there is no difference between EB2 and EB3. Depending on the job responsibilities, one category may stand a better chance of approval than the other.
  9. "If the project is outsourced and executed at your employer's office, then what is the relevance of such a letter?" In this case, my best guess is the VO will be looking for a letter from your employer with full details about the in-house project, which is what they ask of all full time employees. I remember seeing details about such a letter in Hyderabad consulate documents check list, check it out. Since it is an IT outsourcing firm, they might also be interested in proof of the company's ability to pay you as per law, client PO for the project (not for specific consultant) may be helpful here.
  10. kingvijay

    Visa Stamping after H1b Transfer

    The document you are referring to is AC21.
  11. kingvijay

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    If people don't understand the economic reality of EVC model, they have not been very tuned to how IT consulting works. For most clients, it makes good economic sense to deal with only a few select vendors even if it means a 10 or 20 extra dollars per hour. And those few select vendors rarely ever have quality talent on the payrolls to satisfy the client's needs, and they naturally end up outsourcing to smaller firms, that are usually not based in the same city. Most big or small clients deal with only 10 or 20 vendors at most and these 10 or 20 firms hardly have people on their payrolls who are available and satisfy the skill set. If you are all for killing the EVC model, without allowing for higher mobility of H1B workers, you are unintentionally rooting for the demise of consulting industry for H1B workers. And for those who think, quality talent doesn't work on EVC model, get a reality check.