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  1. Hi - my parents EB1/EB2 visa expires this year so i am filling DS 160 applications for their visa extensions. my parents current visa belongs to type B1/B2 visa. when i file for their extension this time, should i still file under visa category B1/B2 (since their previous visa was approved for B1/B2) or under B2 visa category since they are traveling only for their vacation/spend time with us?
  2. hi - i filed my i485 last year and its been 6 months since i filed the application. i didnt receive any EAD yet. i was discussing with my friends and they told me that since its been 6months after my i485 was filed, if i switch employers i dont have to restart my GC process and just the new employer has to file I485J supplemental. is that a new rule? also can i switch employers with just I485 receipt number without H1B tranfer? please let me know.
  3. Hi - My parents B1/B2 visa expires this year so I am in the process filling applications for their visa extension. My questions are 1. Should I select B1/B2 as their visa category in DS 160 applications? they will be here only on vacation to spend time with my family 2. Or Should I select B2 as their visa category? they already have one visa stamping in their passport that says the visa category is B1/B2.