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  1. http://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/faqs-employment-authorization-certain-h-4-dependent-spouses While Waiting for USCIS to Adjudicate Your Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) 1. Can I travel while my Form I-765 is pending? You may travel if you are in valid H-4 status and meet all the admission requirements, including having a valid H-4 nonimmigrant visa. However, traveling outside of the United States could cause delays in your case. While you are outside of the United States, we may need additional information to make a decision on your Form I-765 or we may issue a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) with an opportunity to respond. If you do not respond on time to a Request for Evidence (RFE) or to the NOID, we may deny your case as abandoned. Additionally, travel outside of the United States may also cause possible delays if we need to reschedule your appointment at an Application Support Center. Finally, please note that if you file Form I-765 concurrently with Form I-539 requesting a change to H-4 status from a different nonimmigrant classification, we will deny your Form I-539 as abandoned if you travel abroad while your Form I-539 is pending. In this case, we would also deny your Form I-765. 2. How long will it take USCIS to adjudicate my Form I-765? The timeline will vary from case-to-case. Currently, the processing time for Form I-765 is 90 days (3 months). Please note that if you file a Form I-765 based on your H-4 nonimmigrant status under 8 CFR 274a.12©(26) concurrently with a Form I-129 and Form I-539, the processing timeline will not begin until we have made a decision on your spouse’s eligibility for H-1B status and/or your eligibility for H-4 status. Processing may also be delayed if the evidence included with these benefit requests does not establish eligibility and we need to issue an RFE or NOID.
  2. Just today, I received the i-539 approval after almost 6 months wait. Now I wonder about the timeline for i-765. Will it be 90 days from today or will it be sooner than that.
  3. Hello, My H4 COS is pending at VSC since March 2015 and my H4-EAD (765) is pending since June 2015. Given the long wait times for H4 approvals, I am planning to cross the border to go for H4 visa stamping. How does this effect my pending 765 application? Can the application be ammended or a new one needs to be applied? Thanks
  4. Our Cos application is pending since Mar 2015. Considering border crossing.
  5. kaushika

    Travel while H4 & H4-EAD pending

    What is the imapct to the pending H4-EAD application if a new H4 visa is processed?
  6. Hello, I have an approved h1-b (I-797) on an expired visa. I also have an approved I-140. But I quit job and have applied for H4 and H4-EAD which are still pending with dates of March 2015 and May 2015 respectively. I see that H4 approvals are taking painfully long durations. Currently Vermont seems to be processing H4 applications from Sept 2014 !! I am guessing it will be a long wait for my H4 and EAD approval. Am I right? Given these circumstances, can I visit India and get H4 stamped at the consulate? What is the impact on the EAD application? If an employer is willing to do by H1-B, is there any issue? Thanks.
  7. Hello, Can we apply for H4 EAD with the H4 application receipt (i-797C) while it is still being processed or do we need to have approval notice? Thanks, Kaushik
  8. kaushika

    H-4 EADs

    Hello, Can we apply for the H4-EAD with just the I-797C (receipt); We do not have the approval yet. We meet the other conditions.
  9. kaushika

    H1b transfer with receipt of extension

    Does it matter that my H1b is expired and my petition is being reviewed? Thanks
  10. kaushika

    H1b transfer with receipt of extension

    Hello, What is cap exempt? And by approval you mean the actual approval and not the reciept itself. Is it? Thank you.
  11. Hello, I work for company A and on my 4th year of H1-b; my extension has been applied in May and I have the receipt of it. With this receipt, can I join another company if they are willing to apply for my h1-b? Thanks, Madhuri
  12. kaushika

    Missing I94

    Hello, I am on H1-b visa and In July I visited Canada (without a need for visa stamping) as my visa is still valid. I drove back to US through New York State. I now realized that my I94 card is missing from my passport. 1. I do not know if I ever had an I94 card. 2. What do I have to do now? Is it a problem not to have an I94 card? I do have my stamped visa and I 797. Thanks,
  13. kaushika

    DS-160 Application Form Lost

    Did you not get the DS-160 confirmation email? For the interview that should suffice. You can always get a copy of it by logging into the website with your passport number and DOB. The entire DS-160 form itself is not required for the interview. I dont think it is ever asked. It is only for your reference. Hope that helps.
  14. Hello, Is it advisable to pickup passport in a different city other than where you attend your visa. For e.g. I have my visa appt on the 24th in Ottawa and since I plan on visiting QC and Montreal in the meantime, I thought I can have the passport pickup near Montreal. Questions I have 1. What is the avg wait time for the passport pickup 2. Can you change the pickup location after the interview Thank you
  15. Hi Folks, I mailed my docs about a month ago and got my visa/passport in the 3rd week. Unfortunately there is no way to track it much.As mentioned by someone before, checking the status of the MO atleast assures that it has reached the consulate. I guess, you have to be really patient with the Canadian visa as well. Good luck. Kaushik