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  1. abhi_2017

    EB2 and EB3 Upgrades/Downgrades

    I am in the same boat. I have an EB3 and EB2 from the same employer. Priority date Jul 2010. Can i use EB-3?
  2. After you get your passport renewed , and as you have stated you have a valid visa stamping,it would be better to go out of the country which is near to you and come back.
  3. abhi_2017

    More chance of a RFE in case of premium processing H-1B

    Not true. I got approved in premium processing without RFE.
  4. abhi_2017

    H1B Extension Education Background

    It all depends on how your attorney justifies your degree to the job your are doing. Try to get a best possible attorney to file your case. I would recommend Murthy law firm as they have gained lot of experience with these similar cases.
  5. abhi_2017

    H1-B Extension & RFE

  6. abhi_2017

    DMV license renewal using SAVE system and I797C

    Zarthos, I was also in the same situation in Maryland. The DMV could not verify my legal status as my H1B was in process. After 2 weeks , i gave them a call and they asked me to come to DMV. Issued a license for 2.5 yrs. I heard that in Texas they need I-797 to get extended.
  7. Hi there, 3 weeks back i received an RFE to prove Employee and Employer relationship. I have got all the contracts and documents from the vendor & client. My contract with the client has ended last week. Will the documents still be valid to answer the RFE to prove Employee and Employer relationship. Or should i provide the contract with the new company( Seems bit irrelevant as they asked us to prove E-E relationship with the previous client). Any inputs please. Thanks Abhi
  8. abhi_2017

    140 Applied in March 2011

    Reciept Date: 03/14/2011 Service center:Nebraska Classification : EB3(Regular processing). Online Status: Still in Initial review.
  9. abhi_2017

    I-140 Initial review, H1B Transfer?

    Hi there, I have my I-140 under Initial review and I want to change my employer as soon as my I-140 gets approved? 1. Are there any complications to change soon after I-140 approved? 2. Can i change my employer before I-140 gets approved and retain my Priority date if my employer doesn't revoke my I-140? Thanks Abhi