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  1. Hello All, If any one travelling on that day/route and willing to help then please let me know. Your help is greatly appreicated. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for travel companion for my mother, she is travelling on 31 May 2014 from Hyderbad to Chicgo with Ethihad Airwarys. The Itinerary is below Flight 1 - 31 May 2014 - Hyderbad, 4:45AM to Abu Dhabi 7:10AM Flight 2 - 31 may 2014 - Abu Dhabi, 9:45AM to Chicago (ORD) 3:25PM Looking for some helping hands, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony
  3. tony.kemp60

    H4 extention when out of country

    It's better to inform your attorney about your wife's travel and let them take suggetion on whether to Apply before travel or after coming back to US
  4. Apply labor and work from your home country (for few months) if your company allows so that you get more time. This is just my idea. You need to check with attorney.
  5. tony.kemp60

    No expiry date on I-94

    You can also check & print the I94 at CBP website https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html Since she travelled before paperless I94 it's always better to call local CBP and explain the situation.
  6. tony.kemp60

    travel to India with US visa expired via London

    You need valid US visa stampled on your passport to travel via London. One of my friend is unaware of this and tried to travel last year with expired visa and he was not allowed to board the flight. Better skip London, Paris if you didn't have valid US visa stamp.
  7. tony.kemp60

    US visa payment (for renewal)when you are in US

    NEFT payment is easy process, I also recommend that. My cousin made transfer from his account for my visa interview.
  8. tony.kemp60

    Do I need to return Two I-94's?

    Thanks JoeF
  9. tony.kemp60

    Do I need to return Two I-94's?

    Hi All, I have two I-94 cards, with same number on both. 1) White I94 card, which expires 1st June 2013. 2) Recently My Visa is extended, new I94 (bottom right of of 797A) which expires 1st June 2016 I'm visiting my home country next week. Do i need to return both I-94's while leaving US or Just returning white I-94 is enough? Thanks Tony
  10. tony.kemp60

    Calculate H1B 6th year end date

    lucky2u, t75 - thanks for your resonse. I was told by my friend that that L1B stay is NOT considered as current H1B which is under 65 quota and there is a gap of 1year 2 days between previous L1B visa and H1B Visa. I would like confirm by posting this forum, my frined may be wrong.
  11. tony.kemp60

    I-140 Receipt Number still pending to be received after 60 days

    Non_Immi - You can check the Submitted date on USCIS site
  12. tony.kemp60

    New employer, i-140 revoked - Porting PD??

    to retain PD, Is the new employer need to start PERM (Labor) before I140 revoked from previous employer?
  13. tony.kemp60

    I-140 Approved, H1 in 6th year. Can I change the job

    Thanks Pntevecchio. If the previous employer revokes I140 after new H1B approval (assuming 3 years extn) with new employer, is there any impact on GC with new employer?
  14. tony.kemp60

    Calculate H1B 6th year end date

    T75 - Thanks for the response. However my question is for current 6 year term, is my previous US stay in US with L1B visa is considered for current 6 year term? kl
  15. tony.kemp60

    Calculate H1B 6th year end date

    Here are my entry to US and exit details on my L1B and H1B. I would like to know the H1B 6 year term end date Entry to US - Exit from US 15-SEP-2005 to 25-JUL-2006 , L1B Visa, Employer 1 07-APR-2007 to 05-JUL-2007 , L1B Visa, Employer 1 08-JUL-2008 to current date, H1B Visa Employer 2 Employer 2 applied for H1B (under 65K quota) on 02 April 2007 when I was in India. H1B petition was approved in Sep 2007 and I got H1B visa stamped in INDIA on January 2008.My current H1B petition expires by 31-May-2013. I would like to know what the date for end of 6 year period? Is it 31-May-2013 or something else? Is there any impact date because of H1B petition which applied before one year period (i.e before finishing 1 year period out of USA) and also the petition approved before one year period? (However, I entered USA on H1B visa only after one year exit date on my earlier trip with L1B visa)