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  1. Hello, I entered through US at DFW yesterday and officer did not stamp "Admitted until..", but I-94 was updated with correct information. Could you please suggest if I need to take any actions on this, Thank,
  2. My Current H1B is valid until 09/28/2019 and I-94 valid until 10/08/2019. I am applying in premium process to get decision ASAP. My question is if my H1b denies immediately( Let say in 2weeks), Can I continue to stay (and or work) until 09/28/2019 based on my previous H1B approval. Please note that I am with the same employer.
  3. MVS

    H4 EAD time counted as valid H1B

    Thank you for the answering my question.
  4. MVS

    H4 EAD time counted as valid H1B

    My wife has H1B approval for 3 years, she used 6 months of her H1B, then she moved to H4 EAD and she has been working on H4 EAD for the last 2 years. Does the time of 2 years (working period on H4 EAD) counted against the remaining 2 1/2 years of her H1B. I really appreciate your advice. Thanks,
  5. MVS

    Urgent re-enter on h4 from mexico

    We were in same situation like you, but we went to Canada. 1. H4 visa enough( in my case, they did not ask any documents at port of entry) 2. Not sure, We travelled land 3. We don't have to enter or update any I-94. They automated the I-94 process. We were not given any I-94, but I-94 was updated online in 15-30 minutes.
  6. MVS

    H1B Extension with I140 Approved

    If your employer does not reply, make freedom of information act request (FOIA) to get all the information related to your GC process, but you have to wait few days/months to get the response.
  7. My company is splitting into two serve public and private sectors separately. what would be this impact on my h1b and GC process. Company names may change, but i will be working on same location with the same client. My i-140 has been aprroved with the PD in 2012. My question is "Do I need to restart my GC process", once split is completed.
  8. If you have any certications in IT field or any IT diplomas that will help you to convince Visa officer.
  9. Hi, I entered US on H4 and have valid H4 stamp until Dec-2016. My H1B got approved in 2014 and have been working on H1B from Oct-2014 to till now. I want to go H4 status by crossing the canada border(By flying) and come back to USA on H4. My questions is: Would there be a any issues entering to USA on H4 at the port of entry. Thank you. I really appreciate your help. Vidya
  10. Hello, My wife attended H4 visa interview at Hyd on oct-17-11. She was told, she will receive passport in 7-10days. When I track her passport at VFS website, It was saying My wife passport is at US consulate still processing. Any one has idea, typically how many days is the wait time for H4 visa. I am working as a full time employee for US based company. Thanks MVS
  11. I have taken an appoitment for H1B visa interview at US consulate, HYD. Under "ADVANCE DOCUMENT SUBMISSION" For H1 Visa, It was said that " Copy of the letter to USCIS, client letter or description of internal project and experience letters" shoud be submitted. What is the meaning of Copy of letter to USCIS? Thanks, MVS
  12. MVS

    H4 stamping

    She should not carry your original H1B copy. Photocopy is fine. Airline people will take old I-94 when you are boarding.