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  1. HI greencard8416, when the IO said you should receive some update in 2 weeks means that you are almost done. Also, a good sign to verify if they even ask for I140. So, its really a positive thing and i am more positive that you should get GC approved with in these 15 days. I see you worried by reading your post almost every other day, But good thing is all of your wait should be over in 2weeks. Trust me and good luck.
  2. After receiving GC how long we have to be in the employment. Basically I am asking this question becos it's been years I visited my home country and want to taker 3-4 months vacation and come back with GC and then search for a new job. Seems like wired question but want to leave for some time from here apprecites your response
  3. Hi Venkatann, when you raise SR they will ask for email I'd. I recevied email after 15 days after raising an SR Hi greencard8412, I would suggest you to take Info pass and inquire
  4. We received our cards yesterday PD Aug 2006 opened SR and received email that my case is approved thanks for murthy forum and this helped me a lot
  5. Guys, update this link if any one got approval with June VB. I am in one of those still waiting. Not sure till when.............
  6. Hi greencard8416, I opened SR on June24th, but haven't received any email regarding my SR. They asked me to check back about my SR status after 15days. Just crossing my fingers and waiting.
  7. No one is updating this thread. Did everyone received their GC's? I am still waiting and nothing happened till now. Not sure how long i have to wait and two days July VB is in effect and i am worried if my file goes unnoticed
  8. Hi pdcurrent_9, when you first created SR what was the status of the file. I mean not online but just on the case was there any status in progress. Basically when you call did the office said that you file is already in process and will get approved or on the file it's already approved . Can you say cleary your conversation in the phone for SR. My PD is Aug, 2006 . I have created SR today but they just mention to check back after couple of weeks. So wanted to know
  9. PDCurrent

    when to open a SR, my PD is current ...

    My PD (Aug 2006) is current from June1st and haven't heard anything on the status. Do I need to raise a service request or shall I just wait.? When would be the idle time to raise request. Experts please suggest
  10. even mine (PD Aug 08 , 2006) and filed 485 in july07, but haven't heard anything yet. I am also worried more and more as July approches and more files come in and my case goes unnoticed. Experts and suggestions
  11. My PD is Aug 2006 . Onlinestatus still shows initial review and the processing center is NSC. Can any one suggest what should I do.
  12. My PD is Aug8th, 2006. I haven;t had any update on my file. Shall i open a service request or is it too early. Please suggest as its day by day tension.
  13. My PD is current with the JUne bullitien and i havent heard anything as of now on my status. Now i got a new job offer which is the permament position, but dont know if its good to change when PD is current. Can anyone suggest how safe is this or any other questions will come up. please advice
  14. PDCurrent

    AP case status not available online

    Any one please advice, what i should do. Shall i wait for another 15 days before i call to customer service
  15. I have applied my AP on 5th of May electronically and then receied the receipt notice from USCIS. I also sent the supporting letters but when i try to seach my case status online, still it is showing as the case cannot be found. Its been one month and still i am not able to find the case status online. Can some one suggest what should i do in this case.