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    B2 Visa Extension Validity

    Hello, So If I filed the I-539 extension for 6months (until January 2022) and the case is still pending in January I could legally stay until I hear back from them? Even If I exceed the requested date ? Example: If I hear back from the USCIS in May of 2022 I could stay until May 2022 at least?
  2. Hello everyone, Does anyone have an update on their second application? Please see below my issue 1. My grandma entered the US with a B1 Visa in late January 2021 2. We applied for a 6month I-539 extension in April 2021 until mid January 2022. It's still pending and I haven't heard back from anyone yet. 3. We would like to keep her in the US until mid of June 2022 before she'll return to Europe due to Covid etc. Today is November 15th, I have exactly 60days before She would have to leave the country (if the i-539 request gets approved. That was the exit date I asked for). What do you suggest me doing to be on the safe side? Many thanks for your help.!! Grannysfavorite