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  1. Hi,

    I'm crossing the border to get my TN1 stamping. What forms should I fill and what are the documents that I need to carry with me?


    Should my wife apply for TD or can she visit me as a visitor? In case if she wants to stay with me in the future cane she apply for TD (later) can she do that?


    Thank you.


  2. Thank you very much for both of your response.  I was suggested by another forum member that I apply for PERM and I-140 until which my TN1 is not in jeopardy as these steps are from companies end not  my intent. Once I-140 is approved and I-485 is filed my intent changes and then traveling outside US is a problem. I have to wait till AP or EAD.


    I'm happy now that TN1 to green card is possible but has to be orchestrated perfectly to avoid going out of status. I will be hiring a lawyer. Any good suggestion? How about this forum owners? I'm looking for cost effective as well. The company sponsoring wants me to put in half the amount.


    Thanks again guys.

  3. TN status does not allow for Immigrant Intent. It is possible for a concurrent say EB2 for you both. You HAVE to involve a Lawyer. The matter is a tad complicated unlike say H1.


    Sorry I do not get what you are saying about concurrent EB2. Can you please explain further? I will be having a lawyer but doing my own research if this is a path that I can take.

  4. Hi, 
    Im planning to get TN1 through a probable employer who is willing to sponsor green card as well. I do not want to go through the hassle of getting H1. Is it possible to get green card while on TN1. My wife's country of birth is UAE so I'm hoping for cross charge-ability as well.

    Also will I be able to travel in and out if/while my green card application is in progess. 

    I got only one positive response while others were discouraging. This was in canadavisa.com forum where primarily senior forum members are experts on Canadian immigration related question. 
    Any response is appreciated.