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  1. MyH1Visa2021

    PERM application with multiple employers

    Hi, I am looking for help and advise on my situation please. My H1b visa going to end in Sept 2022, which I have 1 year left from 6 years. I have an employer filed my PERM application in May 2021 as future employment which is in progress, expected to get it approved by Oct/NOV 2021 as per processing time limes. I need to get a contract job with in 3 months if I need to join their company. I received an full time offer from another employer and h1b visa transfer completed, expected to join by Sept 1st 2021. the full time employer committed to start GC process from scratch once I joined there in Sept 2021. I am finding that process times are high due to Covid, I am not sure if the fulltime employer will be able to get i140 for me before my Visa ends which is in exactly 1 year. I am in dilemma that which employer should I go with. Can someone please advise. Thanks in advance.