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  1. Hi, My H1b was approved in Sep 2016 but I was not able to get a job, so my employer applied change of status to H4 within 3 months period. Then, after few more months when I asked for my H1 copy, my employer sent me the copy but revoked my H1b. So, basically I have never used my H1b. Meanwhile in 2020, I got my H4 EAD and started working using that. I have my H4 EAD till mid of next year. As there is a huge backlog in H4 EAD approval these days, to my knowledge it is taking more than one year for EAD approval, was wondering if it is possible to use my H1b. My question is, if my current employer is ready, is it possible reinstate my H1b ? Looking forward for clarification. Thanks!