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    Received I797-B for the LCA Ammendment

    Hi I have a valid H1B visa extension till 01/01/2022. In 2020 March, I moved to a different location within the U.S and filed for an LCA amendment, and received approval. But I received the I797-B petition with no I94 on it. USCIS approved my petition on 12th December 2020, but I received my petition copy in February 2021. Until today I didn't realize that I797-B means consular processing is required and I am not supposed to stay until I go out of the country and get my visa stamped. Does this mean my stay since Dec 2020 is unlawful? My previous petition has an I94 with the date of Jan 11th, 2022. I want to know if my stay for the last 7 months is Legal and I still have time till Jan 11th, 2022 to get my visa stamped. Please let me know if I need to make an appointment with your attorney to get the clear details. I am ready to make the appointment. Please help.