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  1. In my citizenship interview on 01.Jul.2021 I was asked - Interviewing Officer: which country comes to your mind when you think of communism? Me: I answered Russia IO: any other country? Me: I cannot think of any other. IO: a country that is very close to you. Me: No, I cannot think of. IO: China IO: You're engineer you should be able to answer these questions. Me: Yes. Agree. Also, the interviewing office for no reason shared information about him with me - I'm also an engineer in chemistry and then IT. Finally, he gave me Form N-652 telling me he cannot confirm my Taxes status so decision is not yet made. When I reached home (about 1 hour) and checked online the status showed Oath Ceremony Notice is mailed. Is this harassment? i.e. asking questions that are not listed anywhere and "calling out what I should be able to answer" and references to countries like "close to your country" Is this something I can report? how?