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  1. 1) In the N-400 form's question regarding were you arrested, cited, charged...? I mentioned a Traffic ticket as follows:"Approximately around 02/11/2018, i was pulled over by police officer for speeding Ticket# XXXXXX"Arrest Date: 02/11/2018Place arrested: XXXXXX.2) At the time of filing the N-400 i did not have the actual ticket, so i put down the date of arrest as "02/11/2018" - which is the date when i received the "Notice to appear before court" - because i plead not guilty.3) Now, I received a Request for Evidence(RFE) asking to "Submit originals or certified copies from on about 02/11/2018 of all criminal records and court dispositions. All court dispositions must be certified by the court.3) I contacted the court and got a "certificate of disposition (CoD)" as proof of payment. However, it has a different "Date of arrest": "01/14/2018" (when the actual traffic stop happened). It does, however, have the correct Ticket# XXXXXX" number - which i mentioned in the N-400 form.There is no mention of the notice date "02/11/2018" in the CoD. I have that "Notice to appear before court" letter with me.What are my options? Any help highly appreciated.