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  1. Due to critical situations in Mumbai where in Bal Thackrey is supposedly seriously ill what will happen to people who are scheduled for Visa interview tomorrow. Obviously, i am one of them. I can't reschedule the appointment either. What are my options or how will this be handled ? I emailed : infousmumbai@vfshelpline.com but got a bounce reply. Calls are not going through either. thanks
  2. tanmay_sonawadekar

    Visa Stamping fee payment

    I was very excited to know the payment through Bank of america as it is the simplest and fastest way i imagined. However, when i visited the local branch here in United States the branch denied any knowledge of it. I visited BoA regional division to sort the matters (i was questioned under fraud protection at local branch) and regional division denied any knowledge of it. Once they all believed my story we called the customer service -1000 number of BoA and they denied any knowledge of it as well. (strange). I was told by the BoA that they are seeing increasing number for such transfers in last couple of weeks and they have no idea about it. Finally, i called someone in India who oversees foreign exchange at a National bank in India and was told that the message has been misinterpreted by me and many like me. EFT payment = Payment from an applicant's account in any nationalized bank in India to BoA account sanctioned to USCIS. It is not a payment/EFT from BoA account to USCIS I provided this feedback on the traveldocs website to make corrections so that people don't get confused or misguided.
  3. tanmay_sonawadekar

    H1B Extended going for Visa Stamp

    I have finished my 1st 3 years of H1B and 1.5 years of my 2nd H1B term. I am travelling to India and will go for a stamping for my 2nd term. Have not changed my employer (Full time) for last 5 years. Designation and income shows the steady growth on the petition. In these period of 5 years some changes happened to my profile : 1. Got married, Wife in US in the same company on H1. 2. Sister arrived for MS on F1 couple of months back. Although extension has been granted till 2014 i am skeptical as in would there be any harm that it may cause for my stamping ? let me know. Thanks.