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  1. sr266


    Has anyone received MTR approval recently or denied case reopened again for the I290B filed in the month of Jan/Feb 2021?
  2. sr266

    Motion to Reopen current timeline/options

    Please don't wait for motion to be processed quickly. There is no timeline to finish Motions. My motion was filed 183 days ago and still is in processing. Considering your unlawful presence situation, there is a humanitarian parole option which you can try ( no one can assure you about the outcome but this will at least show that you tried the legal route). If you're planning to apply, then do it with the help of a lawyer. Humanitarian Parole: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/explore-my-options/humanitarian-parole
  3. Hi My 2020 H1B petition was denied on 29th Jan 2021, the reason for denial is USCIS did receive the response for the requested RFE. This is not true, my employer did respond to the RFE from USCIS and in fact USCIS confirmed that they received the RFE response in their system. My employer filed for Motion to Reconsider on Feb 16th 2021 and the only update I had was my case was transferred to another office. It has been more than five and a half months and I am anxious about the processing timeline. Can anyone suggest options to expedite the process as it is clear an error from USCIS. Thank you.
  4. sr266

    Motion to reopen timeline

    Hi, Was your case transferred from one service center to another recently?