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  1. I filed my AOS (I485) application in 2020 while I was already in US and waiting for adjudication on my L1 extension petition. However, the L1 extension was denied in early 2021. So, I travelled to India to get my approved H1B stamped and then I immediately returned back to US with H1B status. Upon my return to US, I also completed the biometrics for my AoS process. Now, I’m not sure whether I had abandoned my AoS application by departing US while on L1 and returning as H1B i.e. different statuses? Should I be refiling the fresh I-485 again?
  2. I’m an H1B visa holder (valid until 2023). Both, my wife and son (9 years old) have the dependent H4 visa, while my 1.5 years old daughter is a US citizen (as she was born here in the US). We all need to travel to India in July 2021, and we’ll be arriving back to the US after a few weeks, in August 2021. I’m concerned since we’ll be exiting the US while the proclamation is already in-effect suspending the entry of non-immigrants into the US. However, given that my infant daughter is a US citizen and hence, we’re excepted from the travel ban proclamation - can I safely assume that we’ll be permitted the smooth entry back into the US upon our return from India? Please advise! Thanks