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  1. This is regarding to Employer Address in N400 for Employment history:

    My employer (Company-A - who runs my payroll and providing salary, W2) is located in NY.

    My Employer (Company-A) assigned me to work in Client Office (Company-B) which is in NC state.

    I permanently stayed in NC state (My Residential Address is also in NC) and working in Client Office (Company-B) which is also in NC.

    Under Employer Name : I believe I have to write my employer who issues my W2 (Company-A). Please correct me if wrong.

    What should I write for Employer Address?
    Do I need to write my client office address (Physical work location) as I am also residing in same state?
    Or Do I need to write my employer who pays my salary/W2?

    Note: I work for same employer and same client past 10yrs. My employer was keep changing the address every year in W2.