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  1. Rohu

    Shoplifing after EB3 EAD approved

    Relax. It happens. We all make mistakes. Talk to a good criminal attorney as well as an immigration lawyer. Simple Google search should give out results. Try avvo as well for free consultation which might get you in touch with certain attorneys. Since this is the first time most likely it will be dropped but lawyers will be your best friend going forward.
  2. Rohu

    Possession of marijuana Arrest on H1b

    Can you please elaborate on why your case is on 221g? Also how long have you been waiting?
  3. I believe no contest is conviction as per immigration. I would advice get in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer to understand the consequences. If the case is still going on then try to get both criminal and immigration lawyer together to find out the best outcome for your case. Keep us updated. There could be many on the same boat.
  4. Better to contact an experienced immigration attorney. This sounds very serious. You can simply Google immigration attorney in your state and I would advice also look at their reviews before contacting them if money is an issue to you. I'd contact multiple immigration lawyers to understand the consequences.
  5. Can you update on your status? What happened and what documents did you carry?