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  1. Rakesh_1

    Possible Employer Change

    Always better to stick around with same employer would be the best option , after you get GC better to work 6 months. if your situations is not supporting you can risk to take after 180 days route, you can change employer , get ready for RFE on 485J.
  2. Rakesh_1

    Travelling on F-1/OPT with approved H1B

    Dont see any RISK , CBP officer questions we cant guess !
  3. Rakesh_1

    EB2 to EB3

    If you are with same employer you can file to EB3 porting with GC application concurrently
  4. Rakesh_1

    H4 Pending Filing 485

    yes you can.
  5. 1) Do I need to be in the USA while porting is going on? nope 2) I probably work for the same client from offshore so that 140 processing stays with them.- Good 3) Can I start I485 from the outside USA if my PD is current(Hopefully my 140 is porting is complete)? Do I need to be in US to file 485?- You can be outside and initiate using counselor processing
  6. Rakesh_1

    EB2 To EB3 Downgrade help

    1)Can my wife work with EB3-EAD while my EB3 I140 is still pending?- She can work according to me.2) Can I still maintain H1B status while my wife is using EB3-EAD?- Please maintain3)If answer for question2 is yes, then let's say in future if final action date becomes current in EB2, can both of us still interfile and take benefit of EB2 date? I think yes.4) If she uses EB3-EAD, will she be out of H4(non immigrant) status?? (No plans to travel out of country anytime soon or to use Advance parole at port of entry)- No , H1 is baseline for dependents ,you already got H4 extension as well.5)If she uses her EB3-EAD now, and let's say after a few months if her pending H4 and H4 EAD got approved, can she be on H4 status and use H4 EAD instead of EB3-EAD without any issue? its up to you, doest hurt either way.
  7. Make sure you have 180days pass from your AOS date , If you have approved EAD , you can start as contractor without H1B transfer to Other company , but make sure you initiate H1B transfer as well , so that just in case if anything happens it will protect your status. Hope you already submitted 485J , If you get a query please send 485 J with 201J option to USCIS. Dont know what else you got to take care , please have good attorney strategy in place. It can be workable.
  8. Rakesh_1

    Job Change while 1-485 peninding

    Hope you are trying switch employer based on your current visa since your EAD pending, you have AOS date should pass 180 days to switch employer.
  9. Please fix your passport by providing birth certificate to Indian consulate, we got to minimize confusion to AOS application. if your DOB certificate issued date should be few week around your birth date , if not you got provide affidavit , you can google it and find the formats to take signatures from your parents/uncles.
  10. You can looking the option of switching to your old employer to process your application with concurrent filing of EB3 downgrade. If old employer is not an option ideally most of them suggest traditional perm and I-140 route which takes more than 12-15 months to get PERM approval, Once you have perm approval you can apply I140 and 485 concurrently .
  11. Sorry to here on your Technical Denial , Do you know the actual Reason for Technical Denial ? what were documents you carried for interview and Question asked by officer ? did you fumbled to show the proof of your work history or any others documents requested by Officer ? Example: Your Original I-140 was with same employer are different employer ? Your old employer Revoked your I 140 ? your I 140 approval will not have any impact by Previous employer revocation. EAD extension based on Technical Denial status is little tricky , Please see the legal advise on this matter to articulate your case to Motion to re-open and EAD extension with justifications of the truth and actual situation. Wish you good luck.
  12. Rakesh_1

    Laid off and Green Card received.

    Keep all the documents as proof , I dont think it will create any issues during citizenship interview.
  13. Rakesh_1

    Laid off before 180 days of 485 filing

    Take the offer from new employer , join the new employer with H1 transfer rather using EAD , ask new employer to initiate GC process, don't use your EAD. Since you have pending 486 wait for what USCIS will ask ! if they ask 485J submit from your current employer with portability option , Hope you are already submitted medicals , 485J from your previous employer, you may not get RFE if you are lucky, but issue is if you get GC based on your previous employer 140 approval , you got to work for them 6 months. Have attorney consultation and take the advice on 485-J portability update to USCIS option !
  14. Rakesh_1

    Regd 485J

    you got to submit I-485J for better off , along with the offer letter and roles and responsibilities matching with SOC codes.
  15. Rakesh_1

    RFE on 485J

    Your 485-J is from your current employer where your 140 approved employer ? If 485-J is different from I-140 Employer , hope your I-485 J , Roles and responsibilities letter, Offer letter since you are not current employee? what was the things you missed to submit when you received initial RFID?