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    Change of Status Issues

    Hi, I am a student whose H1b got picked in 2020 but approved in 2021. I have two dependents on F2 visa. I have not applied for their COS when my H1b was under process. My thoughts were to apply after I receive the original approval notice. Like planned, I applied their COS from F2 to H4 as soon as I received the approval notice. USCIS received their COS documents on the 29th day after my approval. The problem now is that I recently gathered from a freind that my family was out of status once my H1b was approved. Therefore, their h4 will be denied on the grounds of late application. Kindly help me to understand: 1) Whether USCIS denies COS applications right away without even considering the case because it was applied after they are out of status? 2) Will my family not given any grace period to make the next move such as COS or leave country? 3) will they be banned for 3-10 years if uscis does not consider the application for approval? 4) Would not the application be considered since the main applicant is maintaining status and has immediately applied for dependent COS? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Hello, I have a question regarding COS from F2 to H4. I was on F1 and my h1b was picked last year (2020) but was approved only a month ago. I have dependents (my wife and child) who were on F2. I did not apply for their COS from F2 to H4 along with my H1B thinking I can apply for it after my H1B is approved and after I get the approval notice. I applied for their COS on the 28th day after my H1B was approved and after I received the approval notice. But I recently gathered that H4 is also supposed to be filed with H1B and that I applied for COS when they are in fact Out of status. Will my wife and child be considered out of status and denied the COS? Kindly help me in answering my question. I do not wish my family to travel for stamping during the pandemic.