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    H4 extension for family

    Hello, My wife and child have H4 biometrics appointment next week. my wife is not planning to attend biometrics as she already switched to H1B while waiting for H4 extension (which has been pending over a year now) my question is -can my child attend biometrics and get her H4 extension. does my wife skipping her H4 affect my child's H4 extension ? note: my child's H4 i-539A application shows my wife as primary applicant; with my child listed as beneficiary. appreciate your response! thank you!
  2. Dear Murthy Sir and Friends, I am on H1B visa with approved i104 approved we applied for my H1b extension along with H4 for my wife and kid in first week of May 2020. my H1B extension was approved in 2 weeks. However, we did not receive H4 biometrics till April 2nd 2021 (almost a year since we applied for extension). the issue is my wife has switched to H1b visa starting Oct 1st 2020. my daughter H4 extension is still pending waiting for biometrics. I have the following question 1. my wife is list as primary applicant on my daughter's H4 extension application (with my daughter listed as beneficiary) as my wife has switched to H1b. she would no longer be attending H4 biometrics. will my daughter H4 application be affected in anyway due to primary applicant(my wife) switching her status to H1B while waiting for her h4 extension ? 2. Can my daughter attend biometrics without her mom and get her H4 extension ? 3. Does my wife needs to withdraw her H4 application as she no longer needs it. does it have any negative impact if she skip her H4 biometrics and abandons her H4 extension ? highly appreciate your response Thanks Raghav