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  1. Hi, I applied Family based Green card for my parents in Sep2020. Recently I received query on their i130 application asking for additional evidence on my Birth Certificate stating - 'Late Registered Birth Certificate'. In India when I was born(in 1980s) there was no norm to register birth of child and we only registered when my Green Card process started in 2000s. The letter stated Early school record/medical record/religious record/census record can be submitted as additional evidence. If not available , I need to get affidavits of 2 persons who were present during my birth. Q1. Is there any format available for Affidavit in such cases? Q2. Since school records state only Father's name in India, I cannot use them for my mother. Let me know if there are any other records that can be used as supporting documents to the affidavit. Q3. Is taking DNA test a straight forward option? What are the options to choose such DNA laboratories when parents are in India? Highly appreciate any valid input, Thank you!