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  1. "You have to mention the speeding ticket." Could you please explain on this. If I file paper filing, the citation table refers to 23-28 questions in the N400.. and non of them refer to simple traffic tickets.. Could anyone please suggest. Attaching the N 400 for your reference. n-400.pdf
  2. Hi, I am trying to fill in N400 form for Naturalization.. I have 2 questions: 1. I had a traffic ticket in Oct 2016, for over speeding , 10+ miles over speeding.. got a ticket and paid the same.. Do I have to mention this citation in some section. 2. in the employment section: I did resign from 1 company on Friday and joined 2nd company on Monday.. when i try to fill in online form.. those 2 days (saturday and sunday) is shown as gap.. what do i do ..should I mention those are self employed days. Please suggest.
  3. My spouse entered USA with stamped H4 visa on July 2016, started M.S from Jan 2017 on H4 visa. Then applied for a COS from H4 to F1 in May 2017 and got it approved in Jan 2018 in the last trimester of the degree program. Now my spouse has transferred the SEVIS to a new University for a second masters starting Aug 2018.With the new I-20 my spouse wants to go for a visa stamping in India and come back before the start of the program in fall term. Now we have the following questions: 1) will it be an issue during the Visa interview since it's a COS from H4 to F1(while my spouse could have studied in H4)? 2)what additional documentation needs to be carried in this case? 3)will it be an issue as my spouse is planning to do a second master's and not using the OPT from first master's? 4)My I-140 got approved in Aug 2017 (with a priority date of Oct 2016 in EB2) while her COS was pending with USCIS. Now will that cause any additional scrutiny during the F1 visa interview? Want to know if it's safe to travel for stamping before start of new program or do you advise travel after the end of program due by Dec 2019. Need your advice on what to do in case of any emergency travel requirements.