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  1. We sent old fee $380 check for H4 EAD application. Just noticed that fee has been updated to $410 recently. Is there any way to reach USCIS and send $410 check before they reject? or Should I file another application with $410 check?
  2. My H4 EAD is going to expire in two weeks, we have applied for H4 EAD extension. But we haven't got it till now. Can I work after my H4 EAD expires while my extension is pending with Receipt number?
  3. I was trying to transfer my H1B to new company based on approved I-140 on 7th year. But I got this message from the new employer. Any H-1B extension beyond the 6th year is based solely on a green card application. As soon as the I-140 is revoked, the H1B extension will become invalid. This means that even if new company obtain H-1B extension, as soon as the current employer revoked the I-140, H-1B would be invalidated. Is it true?
  4. 1. There is no guarantee that you'll get three year extension. It depends on your client letter and USCIS. 2. It better to wait till you get your extension.
  5. I have approved 140 with company A and got 7th year extension for 1 year. Is there any possibility of getting 3 year extension if I take employment with a new company? Thanks in advance.
  6. rasu1


    Guys, I got 221g green back in June at Delhi consulate and my visa got approved after 5.5 months. I know how much pain it causes but no other choice for all of us. So patiently wait till you get your visa. My case details: VI Date : 28-June-2011 Form : 221g Green Docs Submitted : 29-June 2011 Model : EC Client contact : 17-Oct-2011 Visa Approved : 21-Nov-2011 Hope this helps.
  7. rasu1

    Is it safe to try stamping in Delhi?

    Avoid Delhi consulate, lot of people get 221g. Better try other consulates, if you have choice.
  8. rasu1

    221g Client Verificiation

    Any idea guys?
  9. I got 221g in June and my model is EC. USCIS contacted my client thro email in October and after that there is no update. Does anyone know how many days they take after the client verification?
  10. rasu1

    221g Green New Delhi

    I have got 221g green in New Delhi. Does anyone have any idea about the green slip? What does this color mean? VO asked me to submit the client letter, 797, I-129 and LCA.
  11. rasu1

    Chances for H1B Stamping EC Model

    If you have EC model then the chances are slightly better than EVC, but its not guranteed. There are candidate who got stamping in EVC model also. I'm in EC model and got 221g in New Delhi and waiting for the last 5 months.
  12. Based on my personal experience, I would suggest you to go to your home country. Nowadays 221g is pretty common. If you get stuck on this you never know when you'll be getting visa. Also hope you haven't crossed 179 days out of status.
  13. rasu1

    Travel to USA -

  14. rasu1

    Travel to USA -

    Right now I'm in home country and my company in US started GC process. At what stage I can travel to USA?