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  1. Hi Experts, I need your suggestion and advise on this matter, I am working for a company A on H1(as a contractor) from last 3 yrs for the same client and my I 140 got approved last year under EB3 category, now my client want me to join them on their payroll for full time. My Questions are: 1. Can I transfer my green card to new company? 2. If not then can I ask my current company to continue my EB3 green card process and as and when the date gets current I can rejoin them and pursue same green card process. 3. Should I wait for my Green card before changing the job(since I got the PD of 2012 is there any chance that it get current soon, i know its stupid to think that 2012 eb3 gets current soon but what could be a better thing, waiting for 2012 eb3 to get current or change the job and ask new employer to file eb2 for me) Please guide I am really confused and need some expert advice. Regards Dev
  2. Thanks DontWorryBeHappy I have my passport with me as during my first interview then given it back to me.... I am asking for the status every month and they are saying that my case is under admin processing..... what does it mean?
  3. @ DontWorryBeHapppy Congratulation fo ryour re-interview, I am also in the same boat, I got USCIS approval 3 month back and still didn't got the call from US consulate, in mail they are saying that my passport is under admin processing... can you please guide me the next process.... Please its been 10th month of the whole process... am really frustrated...
  4. devick

    H1B Visa appointment error

    Hi Kumar, I am also in bit of same situation. In my case I fill the complete application and it never gives me any error and when I reach to the last page where I have to select a date for confirmation, system refresh the page and didn't confirm my appointment I have tried with different systems and browsers but same issue. It gives an error screen as well saying "expected )". If any one else is facing same trouble. please guide me as well to resolve it
  5. devick

    H1-B Stamping Mumbai for December 2011

    I am in same boat too. I have booked my ticket and waiting for dates to show up. Regards, Dev
  6. I am planning to go in Dec....mine is EVC too first time H1b. Please share your experience... One more question: did you get the appointment at mumbai consulate as it is not showing the Nov dates on earliest date links.. Thanks
  7. I am also planning to go for Dec in mumbai consulate.... mine is first time h1b model EVC... I am too scared...please share if you get any info.... please share your experience....I'll share mine if I reach first...... Thanks Dev
  8. Hi, Please post your experience with mumbai consulate under EVC or EVVC model. it would be great help as I am planning to go in Nov End. Regards Dev