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  1. Hi Harry, did you replied for your RFE and wats the end result you got. Even now am sailing in the same boat. Can you please suggest ,me what is your current status. Your reply could help me out.
  2. Saiprasad531

    H1 B transfer (typical scenario)

    i didnot get your point highlighted in red. once the old company submits the revocation in what status will be i am? dont know if my understanding is correct or not.
  3. Saiprasad531

    H1 B transfer (typical scenario)

    what do you mean by PP. Is is Premium Processing? before that my LCA should get approved rite and it takes atleast 7 days to get it approved and after the approval i can apply for premium which takes another 2 weeks. so altogether it takes 3 weeks for a final decision mean while what would be my status??
  4. Saiprasad531

    H1 B transfer (typical scenario)

    Hi I got a full time offer in one company while i was working as a contractor. I took the FT opportunity and joined the company in December and started working. after working for almost 6 months company has laid off some people on June 30th and I am one among them. I asked the company not to revoke my H1 and give me atleast 30-45 days to search for another opportunity. They said ok. But right after 15 days( approx. July 15th) they called me and said that they have sent my revocation papers USCIS. And now I have got another opportunity with new employer on July 26th. and my new employer have applied for new LCA and he will file my H1 once the LCA is approved. What are my chances now. will USCIS will consider my new H1 transfer application or they will withstand by the revocation submitted by my old company. Please let me knw in this regard am totally confused which step i have to take.