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  2. Hi Everyone. Appreciate your inputs on some of the items below. 1. My Perm was initiated on January 5th, 2021, and H1b maxing out on 5th May 2021. Current timelines suggest the PERM is taking at least 5-6 months to reach a decision. Also, I can only recapture 30 days if needed after Max out. I'm currently working as an FTE for a USA firm and no other office locations outside of USA. We are expecting a baby at the end of July 2021 and my wife is on H4 status. My employer is ok with me working on USA Payroll from India until we get I-140 /H1-b approved. Can I work from India on USA Payroll Legally. 1. If yes, then for how long? 2. If not, then what could be possible workarounds? Thanks in Advance!!