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  1. eknagi

    STEM OPT RFE 60-day Extension

    Hi, did this work out for you? I'm in a similar position and wanted to know if USCIS is accepting responses after the original deadline and before the 60 day extension deadline
  2. eknagi

    Delay in responding to RFE

    Hi, did this work out for you? Was USCIS OK with the response coming in late?
  3. eknagi

    RFE response time

    Hi there, I got an RFE in Nov and was asked by my company’s lawyers to provide documents which I did in early Jan. The deadline for my response is Feb 8. My lawyers want to take the additional 60 day extension (https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-extends-flexibility-for-responding-to-agency-requests-1) that USCIS provided. Is this safe? Has anyone gone with this route? The RFE is pretty straightforward - it’s just asking to provide more evidence that I maintained valid F1 status.