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    Perm approval - Details needed.

    HI, My Current employer did not filed GC and now i got opportunity as Full time employer in different company. Now i am having only 13 months in hand for my H1 Max out. Need advise here what options i am having if my Labor is not getting approved and i140 is not approved with this period i am having.. Please suggest.
  2. HI, My H1 is maxing out in 11/2022. My employer is not filing GC now. But he is ready to do Canada WP. Is that Ok if i relocate to Canada with out consuming full 6years.. what are the advantages i am having if I leave the country 6 months before max out date. Will that help me in coming back to US? Please suggest..

    H4 Visa details

    I have a different Situation. My Dependents visa is getting expired by Feb 1st. I am having approved H1 visa. I am yet to apply for H4 visa renewal. But my kids passports applied for renewal. Yet to receive - Pending with VFS. Their I94 expiry is same as visa expiry date. Please advise if I apply for visa with out passport renewal - what are the issues I encounter. Or do i need to wait for passport renewal and then apply? Also - feb 1st is the expiry date.. If i apply before that date - any issues will arise? please guide.. How long H4 dependents can stay after visa expiry and H1 is approved.