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  1. KYZ

    J1 Hardship Timeline at DOS

    This is terrible luck. Can they send it again? They usually post receipt within 4-6 weeks. I recommend having a congressional inquiry about it to uscis to request re-sending it. The fact they sent it to DOS means that they see a hardship case... good luck
  2. Hi All, Any experience/update regarding the DOS J1 hardship processing time? Published timeline is 16-24 weeks after receipt of I-612/613. They had mine since May 11, 2019. Any recommendations?
  3. Hi there, any good news? Asking everyone with pending hardship at DOS as it seems they are clearly taking much longer than what they have been publishing. They had mine since May 11, 2020...
  4. Dear ASANWA, any updates on your case? Trying to understand the real timeline. DOS has my I612/613 since May 11...
  5. Hi Devyn, any updates on your case? Mine has been with DOS since May 11! Trying to get an estimate about the real timeline...
  6. Hi all, my J1 hardship case has been in the DOS since May 11, 2020. They updated the file on Dec 11 to reflect some more info we sent. Since then no updates! Any recent approvals from the folks who are still waiting? Taking longer than the published processing times. Thanks