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  1. RKK86

    H4 EAD Filing Process

    Hello, Can someone post the process of renewing the H4 EAD please? TIA
  2. RKK86

    H4 EAD

    Hi, I have applied my wife's H4 & EAD renewals along with my H1b. My h1b is approved. But as H4 and EAD process is taking longer, my wife went to India to get her H4 extension faster. Now she got her H4 approved. What happens to existing H4 and EAD applications? Should we re-file EAD renewal? or can we use the existing application? If so what is the process? TIA
  3. RKK86

    Dropbox Processing Times

    Hello, How long does it takes to get the passport back after dropbox processing? TIA.
  4. RKK86

    Dropbox Slots availability

    Hi, Can anyone please let me know the drop box slots availability for H4 Visa holders either in Hyderabad or Chennai please. TIA.
  5. Hello, Can anyone let me know how long it is taking currently to get approval of H1b/H4 & H4 EAD after applied(Premium Processing)? In case if current H4 EAD expires before the extension approval, can I continue to work on until renewal approves like in case of H1b? Thanks in advance?