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  1. gmb_michigan

    Assault Bodily injured Family Violence case

    was your case dismissed with diversion program and just on pretrial. Thanks!
  2. gmb_michigan

    Naturalization and "Life events"

    can you please share latest update please? Thanks
  3. gmb_michigan

    H1B stamping dismissed DV case

    can you please share latest update?
  4. gmb_michigan

    impact of Domestic Violence on GC

    Similar situation , what happened please update
  5. gmb_michigan

    Stamping experience with DV

    Any updates?
  6. gmb_michigan

    H1B Visa stamping with Domestic Violence reocrd

    Any update from anyone?
  7. gmb_michigan

    Domestic Violence no charges Visa Revoked

    what is latest? Any updates