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  1. Update: I talked to a lawyer and they informed that it should not be a problem. My interview mandate does not automatically extend to my wife. Also, I can file for my GC anytime within 1 year of my wife getting her approval.
  2. Hello, I want to file I-485 as a dependent on my wife's AOS application. She filed her I-485 way back in 2012 with PD 01-Dec-2009 so she is otherwise exempt from the compulsory green card interviews held since 2017. We expect her PD to become current anytime now. Since I will be filing in 2020, I would obviously have to attend an interview. Will this extend now to my wife as well? Will she also have to compulsorily attend an interview before her GC is approved? I do not want to delay my wife's application just because I want to file as her dependent. If it is true that this "extreme vetting" rule will be extended to her because of me, can I file for I-485 after she gets her GC?