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  1. Sphoorthy

    H1b Visa stamping

    Currently we don't have appointments in India and my appointment also got cancelled. So can you please advise me?
  2. I am currently in India and myH1B got approved till 2023 but my visa appointment, which was in March got cancelled. I should go to USA for my office as my presence is required and it is planned in April. So can I take my letter from my client - stating my presence is required and go for stamping in any other country such as Singapore or dubai or Colombo? Please help me out.
  3. Sphoorthy

    H1b Visa stamping

    I am currently in India and got my H1b visa approved for 3 years but if I want to take a visa appointment, the latest appointment is March 12th in India. I have a wife and a kid too. So I am planning to go to Singapore for the visa stamping as the nearest slot is Oct 16th. I have read in forums that Stamping in Singapore is tough like there are issuing white/pink default, its almost same in India too. So can you please help me on below questions: 1. Is it safe for me to go to Singapore for visa stamping? What are the chances of not getting visa in worst case? 2. Is it a good idea to take my family too along with me visa stamping or Should i go alone and book different slot for my wife and kid? 3. If not Singapore, is there any country to go for visa stamping?