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    221g Employment Documents on 28/09/2020

    Hi, Im in a similar situation. Mine was a dropbox appointment on sept 28th. I got a response from the embassy on sept 30th requesting a letter from my employer that Im still employed. I have emailed the docuements and Im still waiting for the decision. Pretty similar to yours, but mine is dropbox process.
  2. Hi, I recently had my H1b vis extenstion approved. The initial h1b ended on sept 7th. I changed my project on August 30th[Same employer, different project] and did my amendment and extension. The petition got approved for 3 years. As per us travel docs, Im eleigible for interview waiver. So, I did set up my dropbox appointment for sept 28th and dropped all the required documents. On Sept 30th, my case status changed to “Refused” and I have received an email from Consulate officer requesting for a letter from employer saying that Im still employed. I have responded to the same email and sent the documents. Attached screenshot has the email details I have received from the Embassy. Currently Im waiting. Is there anyone in the same boat or have seen this similar issue in the past. I wanted to know what to expect. Any information is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.