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  1. Hi, My EB1 I-140 was approved in 2018, and based on this H1B extension of 3 years after completion of 6 years was also approved. Now, I have to file an H1B amendment for promotion. Per the October 2020 visa bulleting, I am eligible to file the I-485 under 'Dates of filing' chart, but my priority date is still later than the 'Final action date', so is not current. My question is: when I file for the H1B amendment, can I still request a 3-year extension since my priority date is not current? Can I do that even if I file the I-485 under 'dates of filing' chart?
  2. Hi, My I-140 under EB1B (assistant professor) was approved in 2018, but the priority date or even date of filing for I-485 has not been current since then. So I haven't been able to file the I-485. I understand AC21 applies when AOS is 'pending' for more than 180 days. Does this mean I-485 should have been already filed, or does this apply even if one has not been eligible to file for AOS for several months after approval of I-140? 1) Is there a need to redo I-140 under EB1-B (promotion from assistant professor to associate professor), if there is no change in job duties, the only thing that changes is salary? 2) Can I accept the promotion before or after I file the I-485, without any other change to the GC application process? 3) I am on H1B extension based on I-140 approval. If my priority date is between the 'date for filing' and 'final action date', I am eligible to at least file the I-485. But can I then request a 3-year extension for the H1B, if the I-485 is filed, but PD is not current? Thanks!