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  1. Thank you very much for the replies!
  2. Hi, can anyone please give some input on above question? Any help is greatly appreciated! Regards, Aniruddha
  3. Hi, in my previous job in 2019, I got an I-140 approved and subsequently got H1-B extension approved for 3 years (till end of 2022). Later on I quit that job and found another one but I have been out of the country and not working on H1-B since end of 2019. Few days ago my H1-B extension from previous employer got revoked. I have a new job offer and chance of returning to US. What is the impact of old H1-B extension getting revoked? Also, with the new job offer should I just get a new H1-B transfer approved or any thing additionally as well?
  4. Hi, I have another quick question - is there a good contact number where I can reach CBP or Port of Entry for any queries? Kindly let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hi, thank you very much for your reply. I definitely only intend to go with new employer, new H1b approval in hand. Will definitely not be going with just the stamp.
  6. Earlier this year I got a job offer and H1-B transfer was done. I came to my home country for stamping before starting work with this employer. After visa interviews, my passport had been stuck with US consulate since March due to Covid closures. My job offer was rescinded, and H1-B petition was revoked by USCIS on July 10th, due to these delays. Subsequently, the H1-B stamp was issued on September 16th. I had not taken any action from my end as I had thought the passport was stuck at the consulate and I didn’t even know any action that I should have taken. So, now if I do get another I-797 with same or different employer, can I enter the US and start work with the stamping I just received? Will there be any issues/questions at port of entry?