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  1. vicky1del

    H1b cap exempt

    Hi gopal thanks for the reply so you mean I am cap exempt ?
  2. vicky1del

    Activation of my Revoked H1-B

    You are cap exempt find an employer who can file a new h1b petition for you first I 797 approval means you are counted in the cap and a new employer can file h1b for you having on the h1 status or h1 stamping is not necessary
  3. vicky1del

    Never used & revoked H1B

    If the employer revoked the visa you are cap exempt in your case looks like employer revoked it so you should be good
  4. vicky1del

    Do I need a new Visa Stamp ?

    You do not need a new visa stamp
  5. vicky1del

    H1B Stamping on 2014 - 15 lottery petition approval

    No you can go ahead and find a employer who can file a cap exempt petition for you , you are cap exempt if your visa was not revoked by the employer in the same FY in which the h1b was approved
  6. vicky1del

    H1b cap exempt

    I had a h1b approved petition in 2018 went for h1b stamping got a 221g the visa was refused and a NOIR was raised by uscis since petitioner was not able to provide the requested document , my question is am I cap exempt can a new employer file for an h1b petition for me?
  7. vicky1del

    H1B Transfer after 221 G

    I have been picked up in 2020 h1b lottery and have an h1b approved Petition from 2020 to 2023 , assuming the consulates open after dec 2020 and I go for h1b stamping considering 221 g is common these days I have the below three questions1) Is it possible to file for an h1b transfer cap exempt while 221 g is in process2) Is it possible to file for an h1b transfer cap exempt if we get a 221 g denial3) Is it possible to file for an h1b transfer cap exempt if the case is further referred to uscis for review and they deny it and send a NOIR