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  1. Ratheesh1979

    H1B extension denied and H1 B Amendment got approved

    @jothinb Curious to know what happened. Did you continue to work on your approved Amendement. What happened with later extension requests ? @Mani28786 What about u ?
  2. Ratheesh1979

    H1B Extension denied, but amendment still on

    What is MTR ? Unfortunately I don't have a H4 EAD option. Question is whether a different employer can try transferring the H1B on the ongoing amendment.
  3. My previous H1B visa got expired while I was in US, in Nov 2019 (and so did my i94). My employer had filed for extension then and I got an RFE in Jan to which my employer responded on time. But there was no decision on the whole thing till July 2020 when I was about to hit the 240 day period. My employer then filed a location amendment on top of the extension which let me to stay and be able to work after July. Now in the last week of August 2020 I see the USCIS case status for my extension changed to 'Denied'. But the amendment that was filed still shows in progress. What are my options now? Am I out of status already or Am I good to stay and work till a decision comes on the amendment ? Can a different employer file a H1B transfer to me on the amendment while it is still not denied ?