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  1. Hi, I have a approved H1B extension - I797A. I am planning a trip to India in October. I am eligible for Dropbox processing for VISA stamping. 1) Are there any delays in H1B extension cases even with approved I797A due to COVID or due to upcoming Presidential elections in November? 2) How can I avoid Administrative processing? Any tips? I have all the attached documents. Anything else I should add here? Please note that I was granted VISA In 2018 so this is my first extension and secondly there has been no change in the employer but changes in the end client. 1. Current Passport 2. DS-160 copy – submission letter 3. Approved I797A 4. Recent VISA 5. Recent Photograph 6. Recent Pay stubs or wages 7. Bank statements in the last 12 months 8. Tax return forms – W2 and 1040 9. Contact information of my managers in the US 10. Offer letter or employee agreement between me and employer 11. Contracts between employer and mid-vendor and mid-vendor and client 12. Letter from end client confirming my assignment 13. Detailed project description (for work on in-house projects) 14. Complete itinerary of services I perform, including the worksites and dates 15. Evidence of Educational Qualifications 16. Evidence of any other previous work experience in US (if there was a change in the employer – but in my case – none) Thanks and Regards Anuja