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  1. I had changed my name while I was in India in 2013. This was before travelling to USA for the first time. The only proof of name change I have is the State Gazette publication in India. My lawyer in the US asked if there is a Court order. As far as I know there is no court order required in India for change of name. Has any one faced similar problem for name change? What is the documentation you had submitted?
  2. Hi,I have my birth certificate from India. It does not have my last name/Initial. My last name is same as my Fathers name. My Father's name is on the Birth certificate.Is not having the lastname or Inital representing lastname in the Birth certificate an Issue?Eg:-First name "ABC DEF GHI"Last Name = "XYZ"Father's name = "XYZ"Name in Birth certificate is "ABC DEF GHI"Father's Name is Birth Certificate "XYZ"
  3. CoolRaja

    I140 Rfe

    Hi, Was the Gazette accepted as proof for name change? I have a similar case Thank you
  4. CoolRaja

    last name/family name

    Hi, I understand it a very old post I am facing the same issue. There is no last name or initial in my Birth Certificate. Did you face problem with that? Thank you