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  1. aaila_visa

    Two H1 petitions for H4 stamping

    I am in the same situation with exact dates as yours 🙂 Since she has interview on Sept 14th, I guess you must have filled DS160 by now. Which receipt number did you use ? Is your wife planning to enter US before Jan 2021 or after ?
  2. Thanks Manik for all the information. Did you and your wife travel before the new petition start date (sept 2020) or after ?
  3. Hi, I am on H1-B and my wife plans to get her first H4 visa under expedite appointment and travel to US in Oct 2020 I have valid I-797 (lets call it x) expiring in Dec 2020. I have new I-797 (lets call it y) from Jan 2021 - Dec 2023. Q1 -> Should she use I-797 x in visa interview such that her visa stamp/sticker allows her to enter US before Dec 2020 ? Q2 -> Can she use new I-797 y at port of entry to get her I-94 till Dec 2023 ? Help will be really appreciated. Thanks.